At Rouse Lawyers, one of our main aims is to ensure that clients obtain a positive resolution to their matters, in a way that is cost effective, efficient and that ensures important business relationships and networks are protected and maintained.

To this end, our litigation lawyers proactively promote alternative dispute resolution methods, where appropriate. This is aimed at assisting clients in achieving positive resolutions before parties become too entrenched in matters or are committed to spending costs which they may be unable to recover, irrespective of the final outcome.

Our litigation lawyers have significant experience in conducting and successfully representing clients in mediations, arbitrations and private settlement conferences. In our experience, engaging in these types of alternative dispute resolution forums has had the effect of mitigating costs and procuring mutually beneficial and satisfactory outcomes in an efficient manner, allowing businesses to concentrate on business and growth.

The added and significant benefit in engaging in alternative dispute resolution methods is that we are able to assist clients in being the master of their own dispute by workshopping with clients to achieve a range of innovative settlement options or resolutions which they may not otherwise have before the Courts. This can assist the parties in arriving at mutually beneficial resolutions and in maintaining or even improving business relationships and important business networks.

We also recommend that clients consider drafting in alternative dispute resolution clauses into their contracts to assist them in being able to engage in alternative dispute resolution processes should a dispute arise, and to ensure that they have the option and benefits associated with alternative dispute resolutions.

We have recently published an article on this topic [put in article link here]

To discuss how you may be able to benefit from alternative dispute resolution processes or if you have any questions regarding your rights to engage in alternative dispute resolution please call us.

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