April 4, 2017

How Do I Protect my ‘Family’ and my ‘Business’ if i get sick?

What if you get sick- (2)

How Do I Protect my ‘family’ and my ‘business’ from Extra Stress and Expense If (or When!) I Get Sick?

Although we all feel invincible, everybody faces health problems.

The difficulty is in knowing WHEN or HOW that illness will occur, and how it will impact your family, your finances and your business dealings.

What can you do?

Appoint an Attorney for your Business!

WHY? If you are hospitalised, and you can’t make business decisions, your efforts won’t be wasted, an unnecessary delay won’t occur, and critical business decisions can still be made, ensuring your Business continues to work for you, even when you are unwell.

Appoint a ‘personal’ Attorney for yourself, so your family can make personal health decisions when you are unable.

WHY? Losing capacity is awful, disempowering and very stressful on those left behind. You can make your life more comfortable, and reduce the stress on your family if you allow them to make decisions when you can’t. For example – where and who you live with, your diet and dress, your treatment for physical or mental conditions.

Make an Advance Health Directive in case of a medical emergency where you cannot make decisions for yourself.

WHY? To spell out in detail whilst you can exactly what kinds of medical procedures you do or do not want to be performed on you – what quality versus quantity of life you desire, particularly if you are in palliative care or in a vegetative state.

Avoid the emotional and financial pitfalls of your survivors arguing amongst themselves as to what you ‘would have’ wanted!

If you do get sick, your family will be grateful that you took the time to prepare for an unfortunate event.

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