Our Capabilities

Contract & Business Dispute Resolution
Our commercial litigation team assists businesses in addressing legal disputes in a way that is commercially astute and legally sound. We work with large entities through to small businesses, and adopt an approach that is tailored to the size, complexity and nature of each dispute.

Rouse Lawyers conducts matters in all major courts, and are experts in alternative dispute resolution.

We are committed to providing confident, capable and secure legal representation that is cost effective and aimed at achieving positive resolutions.  We proactively work with businesses to identify and mitigate legal risks and liabilities.

Our commercial litigation lawyers understand the importance of commerciality, protecting valuable commercial relationships and networks, and considering company values and strategies. We offer strong results and outcomes, and provide our clients with a safe journey to ensure they can keep focused on what matters most to them – their business.

Amongst other areas, we are experts in:

Recent Work

  • Information technology: understanding the nature of the industry

    Representing an international information technology firm in a dispute with against an Australian information technology company in relation to contract and product and service delivery dispute.  The dispute relates to complex information technology technical specifications and functionalities, our commercial litigation teams IT aptitude allows them to represent international firms with confidence and efficiency through technology.

  • Intellectual property: ensuring continuity of business

    Successfully representing a corporation in relation to an intellectual property and restraint of trade dispute that would have restricted our client from trading altogether.  Our commercial litigation lawyers are true litigators who are confident and competent in drafting court documents ensuring clients receive a quality service while saving cost.  The matter included instructing senior counsel – with whom our litigation team have built strong and reliable relationships with.

  • Information technology dispute resolution: understanding technology and utilising technology in resolving disputes

    Representing a national technology app developer in relation to a contract and product and service delivery dispute.  Using technology to appear in interstate court jurisdictions by teleconference and online-video conferencing we have been able to ensure that our client receives premium representation without incurring premium costs.  Our commercial litigation lawyers are technologically astute and capable.

  • Personalised and tailored dispute resolution services: listed companies to mum-and-dad investors

    Representing a listed company and individual investors against a large national Bank in relation to multiple investment and banking finance disputes.  Representing several applicants, which included a listed company and individual mum-and-dad investors evidenced our litigation teams adaptability and personalised and tailored services.


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    Bruce Landford

    Camfil Farr - International Clean Air Solutions

    Camfil Farr is a multinational organisation and we use lawyers across the world. Rouse Lawyers, was chosen as alternative to the top tier, and have acted for us in a number of matters concerning our Australian operations. We have found their strategic advice and alternate approaches to the law to be highly valuable and unique. We highly recommend Rouse Lawyers

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    Peter Biondic

    Universal Civil Contracting

    As a civil contractor in this environment we need someone we can rely upon when it comes to large payment claims and recovery. Rouse has assisted us in a number of recovery matters and we have been delighted with the results.